Friday, 16 December 2016


It's been a little over two years since I downloaded and started listening to the first Ride LP. I had friends at school in the early 90s who all liked this band, but at the time I didn't. But for some reason, in 2014 I decided to check the record out and found myself enjoying it. I wanted to pick up the record but was holding out for a copy at a fair price with the original sticker still intact. Two and a bit years later, I crossed it off the list.

The sticker says 'This sticker is removeable' underneath the title. Makes me wonder how many people took this as an instruction or advice, or removed it. I've seen a lot of copies in the last couple of years without the sticker, but being anal about these things, this sticker was essential for me, so I'm stoked to have finally found a copy.

Even though I was never a fan of this record when it came out and my friends all loved it, I always liked the awesome cover art, which has since become pretty iconic. Less is definitely more.

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