Sunday, 4 December 2016

Life Of Mud

On my weekend trip last weekend I also picked up a couple of used records from a dude who was selling a collection. Dude was selling a bunch of hardcore stuff from the late 80s & early 90s, although most of it I already had, and it was priced to sell on discogs, so not really any bargains to be had.

It's only about a year and a half since I first heard Life Of Agony. In that time I managed to buy an original pressing of their first LP, and see them play live. And now I've managed to pick up an almost mint condition copy of their second LP, 'Ugly' too.

This LP has a printed inner sleeve, which is completely free from rips or tears.

I'm not sure how this LP was received back when it came out. I would guess it wasn't as well received as the first LP due to some of the songs being a little more personal. It took me a little longer to get into, but it's still a great album without a doubt.

The second record I picked up was a Mudhoney 7". Hardly a surprise as I've been on a bit of a Sub Pop trip lately. This copy of the 'You Got It' 7" is on black vinyl, which I wouldn't usually bother with, but this copy comes with the first press sleeve, denoted by the live photo printed on the inside.

I imagine they had a lot of fun the day they caked themselves in mud for the cover shot, although I imagine they also received some funny looks and, probably, some verbal abuse. I mean, that's not exactly a good look for going into town is it?


Nico said...

I recall that Ugly was received quite well here. I remember reading some reviews about it and a lot of my metal friends played that record to death.

I do feel it has aged nicely too, some people here claim it is better than River Runs Red.

Jeff said...

Ugly is such a good record. And I agree with Nico, it has held up very well. I remember being blown away when it first came out. Such a big change from River Runs Red but it didn't seem to matter to me and my friends. I saw them a few times when they toured for Ugly too. Always a good show.