Monday, 26 December 2016

A New Scene

The good thing about keeping this online diary of my record collecting habits is that I can look back into what I was doing and thinking in the past. I distinctly remember not being bothered about collecting Dinosaur Jr 7"s in the past, but then at some point changing my mind. So I checked the blog and found that in December 2011 I said:

...maybe I'll start thinking about collecting the SST 7"s on colour, although I'm not sure I have the energy for that

It's funny how things change I guess, but this here grey vinyl copy of 'Freak Scene' marks my third copy of this 7".

Since there is no official pressing info for SST releases, the only way to figure out what exists is to search the internet. Discogs is a pretty good source these days, although is far from complete. But despite having three copies of this one (grey, red and purple) there are at least two other colours of this 7" (blue and clear) that I don't have, plus variants of the blue and purple as well as a rumoured yellow copy. And of course, the test press. This one will no doubt keep me busy for a while longer yet...

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