Friday, 16 September 2016

Celebrated Summer

So as Summer draws to a close, and I'm sitting here (as every year) wondering where the fuck it went, I can at least look back and be satisfied that it's actually been a pretty good one. But now we head into the autumn and winter, with dark evenings which means there's no light for record photos. This could therefore be the last evening photo of the season.

I picked up a grey vinyl copy of 'New Day Rising' back in 2012. It was my first attempt at getting into Hüsker Dü. Well, my first attempt since my first real attempt back in 1992. Since then I've gotten into the band a lot and so I'm now on the hunt for any colour vinyl copies I can get my hands on, so when this purpley pinkish copy appeared for sale I figured I'd grab it.

I think these two copies are both represses from the same era (2011/12). The may even be part of the same pressing of 'scrap' vinyl, which seems to often range from grey to purple and everywhere in between.

This LP was first pressed on colour vinyl back in the early 90s, on both blue and also grey vinyl. I still have my eyes peeled for copies on either of those colours too. Maybe one day...

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