Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Last Great Stamp

So last night I saw BURN play for the second time in 7 months. And just like the last time they played, they had a 'special' 7" for sale at the show. Well, kind of. The 'Last Great Sea' 7" hasn't been available since it was first pressed back in 2002. Back then very few people cared about vinyl, so Rev only pressed 1000 copies of the record total. And that was it, until a month ago when it finally got the repress treatment in honour of Record Store Day. And then, as always seems to be the case, it got pressed again on a different colour vinyl. So this year we got 1100 copies on orange vinyl for RSD, and then 432 copies on clear green for Rev mailorder types. And of the 432 green copies, 120 copies got sent to Burn to sell on tour in Europe.

As you can see, my copy has a big dirty black smudge in it.

And just like last time BURN came over, the copies sold on tour were stamped inside the sleeve. However, unlike last time these aren't numbered. And the tour copies aren't a unique colour of vinyl. And there are only 120. So there aren't too many and they're not so easy to identify.

I'm guessing that this one will divide opinion. People will either think this is the dumbest thing ever and not give a shit, or they'll hunt high and low and pay out the nose for the privilege of having the stamp. If you're one of the latter then all I can say is... good luck!


Jeff said...

Of course I'd love to get ahold of a stamped tour copy but what I really want is one with a lot of black swirls.

Nico said...

As a Burn collector, I need to have it.

chris said...

Would love to have one but I'm not stressing out about one.

Mike said...

I'll save my money and buy every pressing of their new record instead!