Sunday, 27 March 2016

Building, Dwelling, Thinking

I was listening to the new record by FOR PETE'S SAKE recently. I still haven't ordered one as the super cool clear blue colour sold out, and after seeing that I don't really want any of the other colours. But anyway, when I bought the Shook Ones LP a couple of weeks ago, I also made some offers on stuff from the same seller. One of the records was this Sportswear 'Building, Dwelling, Thinking' LP:

Sportswear were a band out of Norway in the 90s that came about at the same time as a lot of other youth crew revival bands. They had a couple of 7"s released by Crucial Response Records, and this LP came out on Supersoul & Good Life. I think there were three colours of vinyl, and this purple colour was probably the most common.

Funnily enough, I had never heard this LP until now. It came out in 1999. I guess it just never really stood out before as something I needed to listen to. I was always put off by the band name. But damn, this is good stuff.


geoff said...

i remember that record being really good. just like you, that name kept from liking them. i couldnt stand the name. luckily the guy at CI records on south philly made me listen to it on my lunch break. i was impressed and bought the cd. i havent listened to it a while, might need to do so soon.

Nico said...

" I think there were three colours of vinyl, and this purple colour was probably the most common."

There are actually four colors. Black being the most common one.

According to the label 378 copies on purple and 107 copies on yellow vinyl.

I however feel these numbers should be switched, seeing I did see a lot more yellow copies than purple copies. A friend wholesale ordered 10 copies 9 years after the release and got 7 yellow copies and three black ones.

Also there is one camo green copy.

Willem RWHAF said...

Yeah, not a bad record. There are indeed some transitional copies that turned out camo green. I don't doubt the pressing info though. Good Life has got a rather different way of selling records. Let me explain my stance; they always sell as 'colored vinyl' this leaves them the choice of which color they send to the buyer who requests colored vinyl. Also the last copies they have available often seem to be the those who are most limited. They save up their limited stock and try to get rid of the black or most common firstly. Other labels immediately sell their limited colors as they are. Making customers choose between colors and so they get rid of the limited color firstly. Good Life however has a more secret approach and just mentions colored vinyl. This gives them more control about their colored stock.

Nico said...

That is a solid explanation Willem.

mcs said...

I didn't even look for pressing info. I just assumed that purple was most common as that was what all of the sellers on discogs had.

Mike said...

It may surprise you, given my general appreciation of all things Straight Edge Hardcore, but I'm really not too familiar with this band at all...and I've never heard of this LP. I think I downloaded the songs from a 7 inch a while back, but I never really paid them much attention. I may have to revisit them.

Anonymous said...

Sportswear > Bold