Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Party's Over

Another 2015 new release, and I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. This is the debut release from Straight Razor, which is a(nother) band fronted by Brendan Radigan. I can barely keep up with how many bands this guy is in all at the same time... The Rival Mob, Battle Ruins, Magic Circle, Stone Dagger, Mind Eraser... did I miss any? Well anyway, the Straight Razor 7" is in a very similar vein to The Rival Mob. Short hardcore blasts with a straight edge vibe.

There were 350 on black vinyl and 150 on gold vinyl. Unlike other Radigan bands, this one didn't sell out in two minutes flat and I was able to get these direct from the label. It makes a change to buy them without turning to eBay or discogs and paying 'market prices'.

So when I said I'm not sure about how I feel, it's because this one hasn't quite grabbed me yet. It's not for a lack of trying though. I've played this enough times to know it pretty well. It just hasn't hit me like the other records from the other bands this dude is in. I'm guessing I just need to stick with it a little longer though. I mean, the Battle Ruins 12" took a while. Perhaps by the end of the year I will have realised the true power of this 7". Stay tuned to find out...

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Anonymous said...

Yo, man! I've been listening to hardcore since jr year of high school, in 2003. I've been collecting vinyl since 2001. I've had a lot of stuff pop up in life that has taken me away from the vinyl and hardcore game, but so is life. Your blog really helps keep me in touch with newer bands I would never get the chance to hear about elsewhere. Thanks for keeping me tuned-in in 2015.