Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hey Cuz

Here's another weird Sub Pop record from my distant past. This is the Afghan Whigs 'Sister Brother / Hey Cuz' 7" on green vinyl. I didn't even really know it existed on green until this year. It intrigued me enuogh to buy it, even though I already have a red vinyl copy.

Many years ago, when I first started buying records, I picked up this 7" from a local store on purple vinyl. A few years later I sold or traded it away. A few years later still, I decided I wanted another and realised how rare the purple one was, as the only copies I ever seemed to see were red. So when I saw this green for sale, I knew it was pretty rare, and for that reason decided to buy it.

I find green vinyl to be by far the most difficult colour to photograph. It never seems to look right. I took another photo of this one to show that, whilst it is a solid vinyl, it is also slightly see-thru. You can see the dudes through it in this photo:

What's kinda funny now is remembering when I originally bought this record in 1992 that I thought the dudes on the cover looked old... especially the dude on the far right. Mainly because he has a beard. And even though 23 have passed and I have gotten much older, somehow this dude still looks old to me.

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