Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Nothing But A Nightmare

Another day and another new Rev release... although technically this one isn't a new release. This Soul Search 'Nothing But A Nightmare' 7" was originally released by Back To Back Records in 2013. And for some reason, Rev decided to reissue it at the end of last year.

There were two colours of this one pressed, and both are differing shades of grey. How dull. We have a light grey, our of 550 copies:

And a dark grey, out of 1100 copies.

And here's the two together.

I'm actually really into this. I had never been interested in Soul Search previously, but obviously decided to check them out as a result of the Rev connection. And what do you know, it's good stuff. Of their three 7" releases, it seems to me that each one is better than the last. And given that this is the third, it's the best of the three.

Now, anyone out there got any Soul Search 7"s they wanna sell? These are the only two I have, but I'd be into trying to amass the rest if anyone is interested in letting theirs go. Email me.

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Anonymous said...

Rev probably reissued it because Back To Back is sketchy and didn't send out most of the preorders from the first press.