Monday, 20 July 2015

Get In The Pit...

... You motherfuckers!

Life's Halt were one of my favourite early 00's bands. Great music, great lyrics, great artwork and some great record covers. But I never got around to picking up their 97 Demo 7". I think this came out after their other records. It was kind of an odd release - not on a record label and only 300 copies. I think.

This 7" has plain labels - one orange, the other blue. For some reason I really like these blank labels. I guess I'm just a sucker for nice colours.

This thing also comes with two separate inserts. One might be the inside of the cover, although I can't remember as I took this photo about three weeks ago now, and I can't be arsed to go check. It doesn't really matter anyway.

Kinda funny to think that this has been on my wants list for a few years. I added it and then never really went after one. I always figured the price would drop to like $3, but it never really did. Then lots of years rolled by. So I finally decided to cross this one off the list once and forget trying to save like ten bucks or whatever.

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