Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nowhere Test

Ride are one of those bands that I never was interested in. I had friends who loved them at school, but to me back then they sounded like the soundtrack to wet weekend, i.e. boring. Last summer, for some unknown reason, I got inspired to check out their 1990 LP 'Nowhere' and found myself really enjoying it. So I added it to my mental want list and started looking out for a good condition original copy. Well, a year later and I'm still searching for one, but last week I spotted a test press for sale on eBay, which I ended up being the only bidder on and winning for £15. I guess it's only really hardcore kids who are interested in test pressings. The average indie / shoegaze fan, it would seem, is less fussed.

It comes in a cool Creation Records 'disco' sleeve. Looks much cooler than a plain white sleeve, for sure.

The reverse of the sleeve tells us that this is a 'promotional copy only'. Not sure why they needed to add the word 'only'. Quite clearly it is a promotional copy, but whether it is 'only' a promotional copy could be debated. I mean, it could also be a frisbee, a placemat or a thing to scrape the ice from your car window.

Kinda funny to only own a test press of a record and not a regular copy. But I hope to rectify that situation soon by picking up an original first press with embossed sleeve and sticker. Shouldn't be too tough to find one as they are relatively common, although finding one in top condition will no doubt prove quite tough. We shall see...

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chris said...

If I had seen this I would have probably bid on this.