Saturday, 25 April 2015


This week I received a delivery of over 100 records, covering almost four months of purchases. They should keep me blogging for a while. I thought I'd start with one of the highlights, which has been a major want of mine for a few years.

Vision 'Undiscovered' 7" on New Scene Records on green vinyl. This thing is insanely rare. I have absolutely no idea how many exist, but what I do know is that this very rarely pops up for sale. If you don't believe me you should try finding one for yourself.

I came close to grabbing two copies of this in the last few years. The first was sold on eBay circa 2009 by Mark Porter of Floorpunch. I think I bid $62 and it sold for $63. Something like that. It was then five years before I got another shot. Another copy appeared on eBay towards the end of last year. In the end it sold for $108. I was in bed when it finished so had set up the sniper to bid for me, and entered a max bid of $150. But somehow the sniper malfunctioned and someone else won. I was particularly bummed as I figured my bid was high enough over the winning amount that I probably would have won... although obviously I could never know whether that was the case or not. I might still have lost even if the sniper had worked. At this point I figured it would be a few years before another appeared for sale.

Well, fortune smiled on me a couple of months later when this copy popped up on Discogs. The price was way lower than either of the two copies I just mentioned too, so I bought it right away. Technically I have owned this for almost four months, but I only just received it and had it in my possession for one day, but I'm stoked. Another major want crossed off the list...


geoff said...

now that is a rare record! well done.

chris said...

Awesome! Still trying to hunt one down myself.