Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back In Black

I picked this one up a while ago but have taken a long time to get around to posting it as I have struggled to take any half-decent photos. This is because, as you may have noticed, I like to use a black background for my photos, and (surprisingly) an LP on black vinyl with a black cover doesn't show up too well on a black background. Oh, and also there isn't much good quality daylight around at this time of year, which is another barrier to obtaining a good photo. In the end I have been forced to get rid of my black background and use a floor background just so I can finally make this post.

I scored this release show copy of the Supertouch 'Live on WNYU 1988' LP on eBay for only $24. I thought that was a pretty good price give that there are only 50 of these things.

The cover is screen printed onto a plain black glossy LP cover. The back is left blank except for the numbering in silver ink. It really is tough to photograph.

As is often the case when I pick up my umpteenth copy of something, I couldn't help but pull out my other copies for a group photo.

Shown in the photo are the following:

- Black vinyl test press 39/50, Black vinyl in Black Release show sleeve #25/50
- Black vinyl in White Release show sleeve (not numbered), Red vinyl 1st press #77/500
- Purple vinyl 2nd press #96/100, Gold vinyl 3rd press #100/100

Apparently there's a new Supertouch LP coming out on Triple B Records at some point in 2015 and I, for one, can't wait.

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