Sunday, 16 November 2014

Three Random 7"s

Time for a change of pace, so I'm moving away from test presses this week and getting back to the normal service of 'random'. So what better way to get back to random than by posting three random 7"s that I picked up from someone who was selling a much larger list of random stuff.

First up is this yellow vinyl second press copy of the Angel Du$t 'Xtra Raw' 7". I initially listened to this online and thought it sucked, but after really enjoying the LP, I made sure to go back and try this 7", and I can now appreciate it. Shame I didn't realise how good this was when it initially came out as I missed the entire first press.

Next is a 7" that I missed when it first came out as I thought it would be available forever and it wasn't. The Minor Threat 'First Demo Tape' 7" on purple vinyl came out over ten years ago, back when Dischord didn't really press anything on colour vinyl. I just figured that this would be available forever and passed on it in favour of something more limited. And then it sold out. So this is the first time I have ever got around to picking this up. Kinda funny huh?

And finally, a 7" called 'Southend' by an old UK band called Understand. This came out in about 1995. I lived in Southend at the time, and I remember that HMV had posters of this all over the place, as if it was some huge new record destined for the top of the charts. Very odd. Anyway, a bit like the Minor Threat 7", I never owned this one before, although I'm not sure why as I loved this band way back when.

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Willem RWHAF said...

That Angel Du$t looks totally fine on your page mcs! I also missed out on all but one of the first press. Second press I've two from.

There's also a cool looking test. Made with a red magic marker on plain white cover. Very minimalist but effective I think...

Look it up here: