Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Soul Power Test Plus Two

One record I have never owned on vinyl is the Neglect 'End It' 12". I've liked the band for a long time, but just never got around to picking up the 12". I guess there was less urgency as I've had the songs on my ipod for a few years. Anyway, this record was released by We Bite Records in Germany, but for some reason never got a US release. Not sure why. Also, I don't think there was any limited vinyl format, just black. So in the end all of these factors combined to give me a pretty cheap record which I have failed to own for far too long.

As I often do, I checked out the seller's other items, and found the German pressed GO! 12" 'Existence'. Whilst GO! are a long way from my favourite band, I've always had a soft spot for them. They once had a 12" released on First Strike Records (UK Label that released the Chain Of Strength second 7") and for that reason there always seemed to be a lot of GO! records floating around the UK back in the day along with the classic and more influential bands of the era.

When it came to checking out, I thought I knew the seller's name from somewhere. Given that he was selling mint, unplayed copies of the Lion Of Judah 'Soul Power plus 4' 12", I was pretty sure he was the guy who released it. So I asked if he had any spare tests laying about. A couple of emails later and I had agreed to buy one from him.

Picking up this test reminded me of when I saw this band play live in my old hometown. I really liked this band when the demo and first 7" were out, although it felt to me like a lot of other people into the other Lockin' Out bands didn't get LOJ. What I remember about the show I went to was that the singer dedicated one song to 'a woman's right to choose', to which I responded with a cry of 'Booooo!', much to some peoples' amusement. It's not that I disagree with the idea, it was more just that I wasn't in the mood for 90s style politics that night, plus it seemed like an opportunity for some comedy. Man, I miss heckling at shows.


Hop said...

Also at that show when you headwalked from the back of the room when ASA covered The Storm.

Mugsey said...

The Neglect record is my ultimate go-to record after a shitty day at work for sure Marcus.

'sup Graham. Hope you are well!!