Saturday, 22 November 2014


In August last year, the good folks over at Stuck In The Past posted an article about an unreleased Bloodlet song recorded back in 1994. At some point in 1994, the he band recorded three songs, two of which were released as the 'Cherubim / Shell' 7" on Stability Records. The third song, 'Embrace', didn't make it to the 7" and also never ended up being used anywhere else. Twenty years later, in January of this year, the band reunited to play the A389 Records anniversary bash, and to celebrate the occasion the label finally put the song to vinyl.

I used to like this band a lot back in the 90s. I mean, who didn't? And I still listen to them now and again, so I figured I'd invest in the 'new' release. There were 1000 copies made, spread across red, blue and green vinyl. I decided that one of these was enough and ended up with the red.

As there is only one song, one side of the record was redundant, so it got etched. It looks pretty cool.

It always felt like this band were really big in the 90s, especially as they got signed to Victory and released three albums with them before calling it quits. But for some reason it also feels like they have been largely forgotten about compared to other bands of the era. But actually their stuff has aged pretty well, and this 7" is a good reminder of that.

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