Thursday, 27 November 2014

Bug Live II

Dinosaur Jr week, day 4.

Back in April this year, I picked up a copy of the 'Bug Live At The 9:30 Club' record. The one I bought up was the most common version, being the green vinyl copy out of 800 copies. When I posted it on here, I wrote this:

There are at least two other versions of this one out there that I would like to own. It comes on purple out of 200, and a green vinyl in a sleeve numbered out of 50. I probably have a chance at getting the purple, but not the limited sleeve version.

Well, for once it makes me happy that I was wrong. One limited sleeve version is now firmly in my posession.

The sleeve of this version features the same artwork as the regular version, but it is printed on a green card rather than brown, giving it a very different look to the regular sleeve.

The cover art was made by the artist Marq Spusta, and the 50 green sleeves were hand numbered by him and also signed on the back. The only place you could buy one was direct from his own website when this came out. Alternatively, you could just wait for two years and buy one on eBay.

As you can see, I got number 15/50. The only slight disappointment is that these originally came with a signed 7"x7" Buggin' screen print, but this one didn't have one included. On the positive side, however, I think I paid less for this one than anyone else has paid for one on eBay. According to popsike, these have sold for $246, $150, $149 and $100, which are all amounts higher than the one I paid. So I can't really complain.

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Hot Rod said...

I picked up a copy of this in Annapolis, Maryland when it first came out for $50.00. I first heard of it because the same seller posted a copy on Ebay. I think he had three copies. He has a connection with Marq Spusta and is the reason why he had a few copies. That album ended up selling for the $249.00 and the buyer was none other than Henry Rollins. It's a special album to me as I was there. Two more colored vinyls have since been released this year Red and limited 300 copy white with purple splatter.