Friday, 7 November 2014


Some bands you don't listen to very often, but when you do, you wonder why you ever need to listen to anything else. I'd say that Breakdown are one of those bands for me. I don't seem to listen to them very often, but recently their 7" came on my ipod when on shuffle mode, and the first thing I thought was 'why the hell don't I listen to this band more often?'. This was then followed by me wondering why I don't have more of their records, as all I own is one yellow vinyl copy of their 7". So to rectify this I picked up this little number:

The 'Blacklisted' 12" is a bit of a weird record. Studio songs on one side, and a live set containing mainly songs from the '87 Demo on the flipside. It feels a bit unnecesary to add the live songs, in my opinion. I'd be just as happy if this were a single sided 12".

This 12" seems to exist on this green colour and also clear. No idea which is rarer, although the clear seems to pop up more often, so I'm assuming it's the green.

Next I think I need to pick up more copies of the 7". Having just one feels like amateur hour.

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