Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Won't Get The Best Of Me

As I've said many times on here, I used to be ahead of the crowd on a lot of bands a few years ago, but these days I'm generally behind. And here's another example:

Most people were getting pumped by Beware and their Chain Of Strength sound-a-like 7" two years ago when it came out. Me, I finally found the time to listen to them this year. After enjoying the six jams on my ipod for a while, it was time to pick up a physical copy, and I managed to find this second press, green vinyl copy going for a reasonable price. As everyone knows already, this is a pretty awesome 7" and I hope to pick up the purple and red copies at some point.

Remember - you heard it here last, folks.


Handsome Pete said...

Beware is great.

If you haven't already check out the cassette that came out this past year.

reason said...

Damn, this is the only one I'm missing. And it's your first haha.