Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tied To A Star

I picked up the latest J. Mascis album 'Tied To A Star' this week from an actual record shop. I'd seen the limited pink vinyl 'loser edition' copies on ebay and discogs for about $50 (due to it being sold out at pre-order stage), which annoyed me greatly, as I didn't even know it was coming out. So imagine how stoked I was when I walked into a local record shop to see the loser edition sitting on the shelf for a regular price. I grabbed one immediately and headed to the counter to buy it quick smart.

As usual, the artwork for this record features lots of interesting characters, giving it a very 'cute' look and feel, which goes very nicely with the pink vinyl.

I was surprised to see that this came with a large poster of the cover art... mainly because the copies I had seen on the internet came with a lithograph of the cover art rather than a poster. So this got me to wondering whether there were two different versions. Well, no, I mean obviously there ARE two versions, but I started to wonder whether there was a different loser edition for the UK than for the US? That said, I could find no evidence on the packaging that this was made in the UK, so I then wondered whether the lithograph version is mroe limited, or was just for preorders. At this stage I have no idea though. Anyone know?

I was so stoked to see this for sale at a good price that I decided to grab two copies.

Then as soon as I got home, I started trying to find more info on the internet, and then realised that this version is not hard to get at all. I guess at the point I was seeing them for $50 it was only the people who received orders from Sub Pop that were selling their copies early. But I assume that in the couple of weeks since, all the stores received their copies, and now these things are literally everywhere.

If anyone has a copy with the lithograph that they'd like to trade for a copy with the poster, get in touch.

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chris said...

I really blew it on this one as I forgot to order this. Now I have to spend extra money just to get this. Blah!!!