Monday, 4 August 2014

Adult Crash 'Unfinished Business'

Today I'm featuring a 2014 new release. Yeah, I know, miracles will never cease!

The band is called Adult Crash, and the record is a single sided 12" called 'Unfinished Business'. This was released by a label called Standards Records, which is also the name of a record shop over in San Diego. Both of which are owned by Revelation collector extraordinaire, Colin Tappe. Well, a couple of months ago when he was posting pictures of this thing online, I was curious, and listened to a song or two... which made me badly want to order a 'proper' copy immediately. I was pretty keen to get one of the limited to 100 clear vinyl copies... which I did. Result!

As the sticker on the sleeve says, this features some San Diego dudes from other bands. The singer was in Amenity and House Of Suffering, and Oscar Paz who played bass on this record was also in Kill Holiday and Impel. But this band doesn't really sound anything like those bands.

I think the sticker on the poly sleeve was pretty accurate with the sound. It sounds like SSD vocals over Septic Death guitars. I'm really digging this. My only complaint is that it isn't long enough. Ok, so it's a 12" but these songs would have easily fitted on a 7", as these five songs clock in at around 7 minutes.

I know I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse these days. But trust me on this one. Check it out. Take a trip to the Adult Crash bandcamp and see if you're not hooked after the first ten seconds of 'Tried And True'!

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