Monday, 26 May 2014

Poetry Of Worms

I picked up this Rot In Hell / Psywarfare split 12" on white vinyl a while ago, but I was waiting until I also picked up a clear vinyl copy before I posted it up on here. Unfortunately, that still hasn't happened, so I decided to quit stalling.

There are three Rot In Hell songs on here. These are the acoustic folk style RIH songs, and I to say I have played them quite a lot is an understatement. If you haven't heard this side of the band then please fix this and seek them out. As for Psywarfare, I first heard this outfit back in the late 90s when Integrity released a split 7" with it. I didn't get it and didn't like it back then, and not much has changed. Psywarfare is noise. Not music that sounds like noise. Just noise. I played this for about 30 seconds then turned it off.

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