Friday, 3 January 2014

New York Hardcore Compilation #2

When people talk about classic 'Noo Yawk' hardcore compilations, there are two that come to mind - Revelation's 'New Yokr City Hardcore The Way It Is' and this one - 'New York Hardcore Where The Wild Things Are' on Blackout Records. Most people have and enjoy both, but opinion is divided as to which is best. It's probably pretty obvious by now, but I'm with the Rev comp. But that doesn't mean I can't hang with the wild things from time to time. And as from now, I'm hanging with it on red vinyl.

I've had a gold one of these for a longass time. I always wanted a red one too, and recently I saw one on eBay so thought I'd have a crack. I was pleasantly surprised when it sold for what I consider not too much. I was also stoked that it still has the shrink wrap and color vinyl sticker intact.

Outburst, Raw Deal, Life's Blood, Breakdown... side A really does hit hard. Side B, on the other hand... Sheer Terror, Maximum Penalty, Uppercut, Norman Bates And The Shower Heads... well, personally I never thought that they lived up to the bands on Side A. Which is why I never ranked this comp quite as highly as the Rev one.

That said, I always enjoyed the cheeky Gorilla Biscuits song that wraps things up. I have a vague memory of CIV playing this tune when I saw them play in '95/96 (whenever it was) and stage diving. At the same show I chatted to Sammy for a few minutes. I don't remember anything I spoke to him about other than asking if he had any spare copies of 'Bringin It Down' on green vinyl that he could let go. His response was (I think) 'I only have one of those and I want to hang on to it'. Ha!

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Nice score Marcus. I agree with you that the Rev comp is better. I've always kinda viewed this one as the slightly uglier younger brother.