Tuesday, 24 December 2013

True Miracle

Yes, it's a true miracle - I managed to finally get my last Youngblood order. The main item ordered was the 'regular' versions of the True Head 12", as I picked up the test and release show versions back in April this year.

I do love the packaging for this. The artwork is very suited to the music, which is a departure from the usual Youngblood hardcore sound. Overall this is a great release for Youngblood and is one of those records that gets more interesting with time.

I picked up all three versions available - black (200), pink (100) and clear (150). Good colour choices that go well with the artwork.

So of course, on receiving these and taking photos, I had to get the other two copies out to take a collection shot:

Test press is the one in the top left, with the record release version in the top right. I think I'm supposed to get a cover for the test at some point. If you want to see it, maybe come back here circa 2017.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Love that group shot Marcus