Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Floral Green

LP number three in my parcel of three is a modern-ish release. It's an LP by Title Fight called 'Floral Green'. This is the band's second album and came out last year. I had never heard this band until Revelation announced the pre-order for the 7" they are just about to release (or have just released). Given that I still (perhaps stupidly) trust Rev, I figured I'd give this band a chance, so I downloaded their two albums, and this one got me hooked pretty quickly. So I figured if I had chance I'd buy a copy. So I did.

The 'sleeve' is an oversized affair. It's cool though. The sleeve is a gatefold sleeve, but it comes in a big 'slipcase' which, to be honest, looks better than the record cover, as you can see in the photos. Oh yeah, and also I got some 'floral' colour vinyl. No idea on the pressing info on this. I just like the look of this thing so I'm happy with it.

What I like about this band is that they are definitely at the poppier end of the spectrum, but they're hardcore kids. Check out the Free Spirit hoody on the back cover. I don't think I can be bothered to get into collecting this band's entire catalogue as there are about 400 7"s, but I'll gladly hang on to this LP. Good stuff.


Handsome Pete said...

Everything is worth checking out even if not for collecting purposes. And they're definitely hardcore. Give Stick Together a listen if you haven't already.

Mike said...

Everyone loves this band...except me. Doug referred to them as a modern-day Walleye...and I fucking love Walleye...but Title Fight? Meh. I want to like 'em, but they do nothing for me. Ten years from now, I'll probably be all over this band.

Anonymous said...

Pressing info:
150 on green with record release cover
500 on "floral"
2350 on green

I love this band. Floral Green is their best material in my opinion, but their LP "Shed" is really good too. They also have two EPs "Kingston" and "The Last Thing You Forget" which are really solid. This band has gotten better with each release, can't wait to hear the new stuff.

And they put out a split and some demos in the earlier years, but they aren't anything special.

mcs said...

Thanks for the info dood!