Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quicksand Blues

Back on Record Store Day 2011, I picked up two blue vinyl Quicksand 7"s. One was noticeably much lighter than the other. That was over two years ago and I was happy with having picked up two very different variants with ease. Then, as time went on, I became aware that there was at least one other distinctly different, and much darker, shade of blue out there. I wasn't stressed or particularly bothered about it, and I certainly wasn't going to chase one, but I always knew that if I came across one then I would pick it up. Well, last week I saw one for sale so I grabbed it. Just like two years ago, it was easy and hassle free. So here it is, the dark blue Quicksand 7":

This picture does do it justice. It looks VERY dark blue. But like a lot of records, when held to the light it looks much lighter and much more interesting:

See what I mean? I guess it's the black streaks that make this blue so dark. Anyway, I had to dig my other two copies out and take a photo of the three to show the range of variation:

I don't think there are any significantly different variants, so three is probably where this one ends for me. Probably.

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chris said...

I'm also looking for one of the variants. I'll find it when I'm least expecting it. They do look great together though!!!