Thursday, 20 June 2013

Screaming For Trades

After having not done a trade for ages, I've done two within a month! This one started months ago, back in January. Someone posted a pic of a Uniform Choice LP on the Rev Collectors Board asking for pressing info. Somehow I then ended up in a discussion to obtain it, which in the end I did, along with a couple of other bits.

When the Uniform Choice 'Screaming For Change' reissue came out in late 2011, on green vinyl, it wasn't long before a couple of pictures surfaced of a weird, different colour variant. Most were on clear green, but a couple of people seemed to end up with a solid, dirty yellowish brown type colour. Nobody really knew whether it was an intended colour, a mispress or transition, but it didn't really matter to me. I needed it either way. And now, finally, I have one.

It was only about three years ago that I didn't own a single copy of this LP other than a second press on black. Now, including the recent reissues, I somehow have six colour copies. Still need a grey copy and a first press black with poster though.

So I also picked up an orange vinyl copy of the Internal Affairs LP. I really rate this LP. I don't think it got the attention it deserved when it came out though. This copy is my fourth copy of this LP, and I think I have a complete collection of this one. I couldn't be bothered to get them out to take a photo though. Sorry kids!

So the above two records were what I traded for, but when I opened the package I found an extra item thrown in. I could tell there was something else from the weight of the package. It turned out to be the 'At Both Ends' zine final issue which comes with a double 7".

What's interesting is that one of the bands on the 7"s is Bane. Now, you may or may not know that I collect Bane records, and until this package turned up I didn't own a single copy of this thing. When it came out I wrote to the label asking if I could buy a test press, and the dude told me he would sell me one if I bought a copy of each vinyl colour... and there were seriously about 25 different colours. Needless to say no. Even I have my limits. So that kinda put me off even buying one copy, and I never got around to it. So I was very grateful to be sent this copy.

Hopefully I'll get involved in some more trades in future. Trading is fun!


Anonymous said...

I know you have around 4000 about a post showing them? I'm always curious about other peoples storage areas, setups, etc. Maybe?.....

Across Your Face said...

Guacamole color! My favorite of all the colors of this lp

mcs said...

I'm not doing a post to show my storage area, but there is a photo on my instagram of a big chunk of it. (There's a link to my instagram on the blog, so you should be able to find it).