Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I've been enjoying Instagram lately, and today's records are the result of a trade that started via a comment on there. Tru mentioned that he'd picked up the Mindset RSD LP and wasn't into it. So we arranged a trade and, as we chatted, the trade expanded and in the end I got sent four new records. Cool.

The Mindset LP is a copy of the 'Leave No Doubt' LP that was made for Record Store Day 2013. This copy is on purple vinyl and comes in a screen printed sleeve. It was sold at Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore, and is numbered out of 100 copies. After RSD there were a few left over which the band put up in their online store, but they sold out in about two minutes. I honestly thought I would never get one of these, so I'm pretty stoked on this.

I got number 49, which is only 1 away from the magic Chung King number I own. What a coincidence that would have been eh?

I also got a copy of the new Red Hare LP. This was recently released by Dischord Records and I think they are all on red vinyl. The band is pretty much Swiz reformed under a new name. It's a great record, and I'm happy to have picked up a new release that actually gets me excited for once.

I love how this also has the Hellfire Records logo on the label. A very nice touch.

I also got a couple of 7" test pressings thrown in. You know I'm into tests. First up is a test press of the recent Unity 'Blood Days' 7" that Fred Hammer released on his label, It's Alive Records, towards the end of last year. This features the songs that were on the 'Blood Days' LP which were not on the original Unity 7" on Wishingwell.

And finally, a test of the Dempsey / Kill Holiday split 7" that was released by Indecision Records in 1996. Tru couldn't wait to get rid of this for some reason. If he didn't give it to me he was going to throw it in the bin.

So that's another two test pressings, which brings my tally for the year to 26. The target for the year is 52 (an average of one per week) so at the halfway point of the year I'm exactly halfway there.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Great Mindset score!!

Mike said...

This is a solid collection of records. Nice trade.