Sunday, 19 May 2013

Insted Live LP on Clear

Sometimes I buy stuff just because it's cheap. Here's a prime example. I spotted this Insted 'Live At CBGB' LP on clear vinyl on eBay with not much time left to go, and decided to bid. I figured nobody would really care too much about this and I was right. I won it for only £4.20. I usually spend that on lunch, so this felt like a good deal... although I then had to pay for postage

I bought this on blue when it first came out and was never fussed about getting other colours. But now I have two out of three it kinda seems silly not to get the third. Interestingly, I looked around the internet and found that it is still possible to buy all three brand new from the label. Gotta be tempting for anyone who lives in the States, right?

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