Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Around this time a year ago I went to see Ancient VVisdom play live in London. I had started listening to their album around Xmas time, and four months later finally got to see them live. After that I guess I suffered AVV overload as I didn't listen to the record again much for the rest of the year. But a year on, a little after Xmas this year, I realised that there was a second album that had just come out. I was then gutted to realise that there were only 90 copies on colour vinyl available, and they were already sold out at the pre-order stage which I hadn't known anything about. Damnit.

Well, I added it to my saved searched on eBay and eventually a copy came up. But then, like an idiot, I missed the auction end because I was in some meeting at work. But I was surprised to find that it ended without a single bid. A couple of weeks later the seller re-listed it, and this time I made sure I didn't miss out. I even managed to buy it from the same price that the label sold it for, so it was almost as if I didn't miss out after all.

The vinyl is 'clear with black smoke'. Not the most exciting colour, although it seems perfect for this release. It looks black until you hold it to the light.

The album itself is, as you may expect from a record entitled 'Deathlike', completely focused around the theme of death. Like ALL of the songs are about death. To continue the theme, the photos of the band members have been altered to look like they are half decomposed. Very subtle.

Overall I'm into this LP, although I have to say, it's not as catchy or infectious as the first one. But will definitely be in my top ten for the year.

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