Thursday, 7 March 2013

Half Off 7" Grey

A bit like Mike, I find it hard to go on eBay and not buy anything. I probably end up watching 20 items a week on average, although most of them I end up not bidding on as the prices go beyond what I want to pay before the last couple of hours. So sometimes I end up bidding on things just because they're the only items on my watch list sitting at a low price near to the end of the auction.

So here's one example. I picked up this Half Off 7" on grey vinyl for £2.99 and I was the only bidder. I have this on red vinyl and also on gold vinyl, so figured I should add a grey one to my collection if it was going to cost less than I spend on a sandwich each day.

'Shoot Guns, Eat Pussy' always struck me as a strange title. I mean, these are two very different pastimes, only one of which I endorse. I also always thought it was weird that this 7" comes on about 5 different vinyl colours, suggesting loads were pressed, suggesting it was in high demand. Yet it's always on eBay for about three bucks. All in all... weird.

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Mike said...

Yeah, it's like I wrote that first paragraph myself. I go to ebay to check the availability of something, and next thing I know, I've added 10 records to my watch know, just in case it's available for "cheap".

Wang dang sweet poon tang.