Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Supersoul 1999 Comp Test

It seems that all I buy these days are test pressings. Sometimes I wonder if it would actually be possible to acquire a test press for every single record that I own. Given that I own the entire Revelation catalogue, probably not. Still, it's always a buzz picking up a test press, and this one here is no exception. This is a test press for a compilation called 'The Rebirth Of Hardcore 1999', released by Supersoul Records, a label that was owned by Ray Cappo. I guess this was his last attempt at staying in touch with modern bands. Anyway, I picked this up a couple of weeks ago. This is one of those tests that I was surprised to win for such a low bid. Was nobody else watching or did nobody else care? I like to think the former, as this finished on $16. What a steal.

I haven't listened to this in a long time, but it holds up well. It has some great bands, such as Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, Better Than A Thousand, Battery, Atari, Rain On The Parade, Fastbreak, Saves The Day, Shelter, and more. Oh, and it also has Good Clean Fun on it for some reason. Nevermind. The sleeve is a big fold out poster, and this one has seen better days. It's pretty tatty. But then again, for $16 I can't complain.

It's cool that the label is numbered. This is number 6 of 8... although the 8 looks like it is written over a 7. Looks like they numbered them out of 7 and then realised that there was one still sat on the turntable and actually there were 8, so they had to go back and modify the numbering. Dipshittery at it's finest.

Also funny that someone couldn't spell 'compilation'. How on earth did they not spot that given there were only four words on that sticker? So all in all, a good record but one hell of a sloppy label.


geoff said...

i would consider that more a CI records release. i think jeremey of ci basically put it out. could be wrong though.

anyhow.... man you are the test press king! youre killing it. thats a great comp and doesnt get enough love.

Willem Termote said...

Good Life Recordings did the European release of this compilation.