Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Doghouse Tests I

I used to like Dohouse Records back in the 90s. They put out some interesting and varied bands, and seemed to have feet in different camps, both hardcore and 'emo' (before that word meant what it means now). It seems weird now, but at one point they were one of the labels I followed and trusted, because they always had their finger on the pulse, so to speak. Recently they have been auctioning off test pressings on eBay, and most of them have been selling for pretty low amounts. The only exception is the Get Up Kids tests, which went for a bit, but aside from those most went pretty low. I can only assume that not many people around today care too much about any Doghouse releases.

I was pretty late to these auctions myself. I think they'd sold two or three rounds of tests before I found out. Shame as I could have got myself a Transcend LP test. Never mind. Anyway, I picked up a couple of items that I was pretty happy with.

First up is a test of the second Threadbare 12", 'Escapist'. This was only $20, which I was really surprised at. I used to love Threadbare back in the mid-late 90s, and whilst I prefer their first 12" 'Feeling Older Faster', this one is also a solid record. The test has plain white labels and comes in a plain white paper sleeve. Pretty standard stuff really.

As usual, I took a photo of it next to the sleeve for the regular version of the record. It makes for a better picture, as you can see.

The second test I won on eBay is for a much less known record from the Doghouse catalogue. This is an LP entitled 'Accident' by a band called Omaha. At the time this came out I had no idea what it sounded like and only bought this because it was on Doghouse. This is just indie rock really, but back in the late 90s I did listen to a lot of stuff like this, and I enoyed this LP for a while back in the day. Whilst this doesn't really get spun today, it was worth $13. This one also comes in a plain white paper sleeve and has the standard Erika labels.

I won these two on eBay and then messaged the seller / label to ask what other tests they had. I then arranged to buy two other LP tests. However, when the parcel turned up they weren't present, so I've optimistically calling this post Doghouse Tests I because I hope there will at some point be a part 2. Hopefully the other records will be sent soon and I won't have to file some kind of eBay dispute.

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Mike said...

Another post, another test press. Damn, nice job. Obviously, no one cares about test pressings in plain dust sleeves.

I don't think that I've ever heard that Omaha record. They were on the Doghouse 50 comp, and I think that Doghouse were starting to get a little sketchy with their releases at that point, so I stayed away. It all went downhill starting with that last MOO LP.