Monday, 8 October 2012

Long Lost Youngblood Order

In November 2011 I ordered some records from Youngblood Records. Last week they finally showed up. I'm sure most people would (or did) get way more frustrated than me about the delays. After nigh on 20 years experience of ordering records, one thing that I have learnt is patience. I generally pay and then just leave it, and then maybe a few weeks later I might remember and email the seller and ask if the thing has been sent. If they say no, I don't mind. I'd rather the thing have not been sent than have gone missing. I think I also have a pretty good radar for sketchy people. If I sense I am dealing with a sketcher, I'll probably email them within two weeks. But someone I know I can trust, I'm happy to leave it for months. And that's what happened here. I've been buying from Sean at Youngblood since the late 90s and I know I can trust him to send my records. Even if it is nearly 11 months after I paid.

Anyway, enough of my claptrap. Here's a quick whizz through the stuff I got in my package. I'm sure every other fucker has already blogged about these already so I won't ramble on about them in detail.

Face Reality 7" on red. No idea how many of these were made, but this seems to be the most common colour of this record. I should have had one of these many moons ago. Brian Murphy bought me one of the 75 numbered copies from This Is Hardcore in 2011, but he put it down somewhere and someone stole it. Bastards.

Next is the Give 'Flowerhead' 7" on gold vinyl. I saw this band just over a week ago. They were awesome live. I'll do another post on that at some point later in the week. But this colour looks great in my opinion. Goes well with the artwork.

And the same 7" with a tour sleeve. This is one of their three 7"s that were released around the same time on different record labels a few months ago. All three had a special sleeve made up showing one of three 'part time' members of the band. This one features Dean someone or other.

Next is the No Tolerance 'No Remorse, No Tolerance' 7". This version has blank red labels and is on black vinyl. This is some kind of 'pre-press' and is the most limited version, out of 100. I'm definitely lucky to have this one.

Now a couple of 12"s. The first is the Police & Thieves 'Fracturing' 12" with the record release sleeve. I have to say, I have been listening to this a lot. It's my current every day choice of the moment, and way better than their previous 7"s too in my opinion. My only issue is that there aren't enough songs on here.

And finally, another pressing of the Sacred Love 'Dividing Lines' 12". This comes in a silk screened sleeve which is numbered out of 100 copies. I think I now have a complete set of this release. Somehow this is my fifth version of this one.

Even though this one took eleven months to arrive, I'm hoping & expecting to have another package from Youngblood show up anytime soon. Exciting times.


Mike said...

I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to waiting for an order. With trustworthy labels like Youngblood, I know it is going to is just a matter of when.

Yeah, I knew it would happen. I'm jealous of that Give alt cover, and the No Tolerance record.

Ben said...

Over the years have you lost much money on things you've ordered and never shown up?

mcs said...

No. Hardly ever been ripped off. Can't think of anything off the top of my head. So nothing significant. My main conclusion is that things very, very rarely go missing in the mail, and when they do it only seems to happen with items from sketchy sellers. So generally if something 'goes missing' I generally think its just that it was never actually sent in the first place.