Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Treasure Chest

A couple of not overly exciting 7"s here which are just variations of records I've had for years.

I can't imagine anyone cares about Engine Kid at all in 2012. I have owned this 7" on blue vinyl since forever, but a while ago found out that it also existed on red. I made a note to look out for one. When one popped up on eBay, I knew I'd take it. There was one other bidder though, so clearly there must be one other human out there who still likes this band.

A quick look at the seller's other items and I spotted another variant of another 7" I already own. Dinosaur Jr 'Just Like Heaven' 7" on white. Don't think I've seen this one before. I have it on green, and I've seen red and blue. But not white. This was even cheaper than the Engine Kid 7", surprisingly.

Side B is a really dirty colour. Has some brown splotches on it. It looks really dirty in real life but I don't think the pictures bring it out.

I imagine I'll probably start collecting the other colours of this 7" now that I have two. No sense in owning two. Generally it has to be one or all. No middle ground here.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Hah. I actually thought about Engine Kid the other day, I'm sure I saw them around 97/98 with Orange 9mm and someone else. Downset maybe

Handsome Pete said...

I'm jealous of that Engine Kid 7".

martin said...

Dinosaur Jr. covering Last Rights? I can't believe I've never heard of this.