Sunday, 3 June 2012

Born Against 7" on Clear!?!

Okay, so I'm going to say straight off that I'm not a big Born Against fan. But recently I saw a Born Against 7" listed on eBay with poor photos and a poor description, and something in my brain said "that's super rare". So I watched it and then won it for the list price, and in the end I was the only bidder. I can only assume that this was due to the poor listing, rather than the fact that nobody cares about Born Against.

This is the self titled 7", which was released on Vermiform Records (a label owned by Born Against vocalist, Sam McPheeters). According to the pressing info on Flex and Wikipedia there were 7090 copies of this 7" made in total, across five pressings, but there is no mention of any of them being on colour vinyl. The only variation between pressings is the colour of the labels, or the colour of the sticker on the cover (which this one doesn't have at all).

So what's the deal with this clear vinyl copy that I just found?

After I'd won this I emailed my friend to ask what he knew about it. His response was as follows:

Yes I do have BA on clear, got it from Sam Mcpheeters in a trade, it was a factory mistake from the last press, 10 were made before they corrected it.

I don't have another copy of this 7" to compare it to, but inside the sleeve is this little piece of text which supports that this is from a late pressing, as it states the year in which the band ended.

So only ten on clear out of seven thousand, or one in every seven hundred. Perhaps if the seller had mentioned this in his auction he might have got more than one bid... although good for me that he didn't.

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Mike said...

Oh man, I was just listening to this 7 inch this of my early 90's listening spree...and I'd forgotten how much this kicks ass. I love this record. Totally jealous that you have one on clear.