Sunday, 22 April 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day. Some love it, some hate it. I'm somewhere in the middle. But I don't want to talk about my thoughts about the positives & negatives of what the day is trying to achieve. I haven't got time. I just wanted to post up pictures of the stuff I bought.

Last year I tried to go out early but got annoyed by the crowds so went home. This year I decided to go late enough to let the crowds die down. I wasn't entirely successful as I still had to stand around for about half an hour outside. This was the queue I joined in the early afternoon:

I guess waiting in line is just part of the event. The time soon passed & once I got in I found everything I wanted so it was cool.

Note - spare copies were picked up for friends. They are not destined to be flipped on eBay.

My main interest was the Revelation Records reissues. I get the impression that most people who are fans of Revelation were disappointed by their choices this year. Previous years have seen classic 7"s like Sick Of It All, Burn, Quicksand and Youth Of Today repressed on new colours of vinyl. This year, the classics were from the early - mid 90s that most of today's Rev collectors aren't too fussed about. For me though, these bands are my favourites. Farside, Into Another & Sense Field are three of my favourite bands of all time, and I was more than happy to buy three of their records again.

I love each of these records dearly. But I am slightly curious as to why, of all the Revelation releases, these were chosen to be repressed in 2012. Mind you, I wondered the same about the Elliott LP last year.

The fourth rev repress was not originally released by Revelation. Ignite 'Call On My Brothers' LP. This one was originally put out by Conversion Records in 1996. I remember mail ordering the original when it came out, sending cash in an envelope and wondering if I would ever get anything, such were the horror stories I heard about mail ordering from New Age & Conversion. As it turned out my stuff came in three weeks, which was pretty amazing. Some labels can't even manage that these days even with instant online payment systems. Anyway, I was least bothered about this one before I left the house, but this one is definitely my favourite color record of the day. Its a clear-ish purple swirl colour. Very very similar to the purple Uniform Choice 'Screaming For Change' LP. Looks great.

Next up, Endpoint's 'In A Time Of Hate' LP. This reissue is on Simba Records, and comes in a nicely made screen printed cover hand numbered out of 500 copies. Again, this one was originally put out by Conversion Records. This isn't my favourite Endpoint record by a long way, but its cool to see it put out for a new generation of kids. Or rather, for the same generation to buy again. Ha.

Next up, the Misfits 'Walk Among Us' LP on purple vinyl. This one was pressed on three different colours for US citizens, and then there were 1500 copies on purple vinyl for the International markets. Ha. I've never really been a Misfits fan, but for some reason I was interested in picking this one up. Such is the madness of record store day. You get tricked into buying shit you're not that fussed about. I'm not convinced this is purple, more of a dark red, but it turns pink when you hold it to the light which looks way cooler.

Once I'd taken all of the LPs out of their sleeves to photograph, I couldn't resist putting them all together for a 6 pack shot.

Poison Idea 'Pick Your King' 7" reissue on TKO Records. I've never really been too interested in Poison Idea, but seeing this classic 7" reissued I couldn't resist. 1000 pressed. I think they're all on clear vinyl.

And finally, the Tomahawk 3xLP Box Set. Tomahawk is a Mike Patton band. I've checked out a couple of songs in the past but never been excited enough to get into them. I mainly picked this up because it was cheap - only a couple of quid more than one of the Rev LPs, which seemed a really good price for a triple LP box set. I'm not sure if I'll end up keeping this one or not.

So that's it for RSD 2012. Kind of a funny day really. I did enjoy being in a record store and flicking through the racks, which I rarely do these days. But as I sit and reflect I think it fair to say that I got sucked into the hype a little bit. Ah well. No real harm done.


Mike said...

You beat me to the post. Actually, I'm not sure when I'll get mine up. I need to find time to take pictures of my haul.

Good stuff though. While they aren't my favorite REV releases, I was pretty excited for these re-issues. Seeing how I bought most of them on CD initially, this was my first opportunity to grab them on colored vinyl for cheap.

Sean said...

if you're struggling to offload one of those PI reissues, I'll gladly take one off your hands mate.

mcs said...

Sean - as long as you pay what it cost me to buy plus necessary shipping, then its yours. Email me.

Flanders Fury said...

How smart of you to buy three of that MISFITS and POISON IDEA records....

mcs said...

I assume you mean 'kind' rather than 'smart', right?

Flanders Fury said...

I guess both!!

mcs said...

The extras are gone already. Sold to friends at cost price. I'm a good friend that way :)

Gavin said...

comment removed, I was asking to put dibs on Tomahawk but then remembered I may be going somewhere that will have copies

Alternate 1995 said...

Damn this confused me and excited me all at once. I saw the purple misfits record, and I saw the pink one, but I also saw you had 3 covers. I was wondering what the other color was. Now that I've read the post, it makes perfect sense! I'm I the only person who looks at the pictures first?