Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pink Mayday!

Back in the early days of buying records and discovering hardcore, I picked up the split 7" that Integrity did with Mayday. It was one of the first split 7"s I owned probably. Both bands were great, but for some reason Mayday seemed the more intriguing of the two, perhaps because they were a completely unknown quantity for me at the time. I think it's always nice when you get a split record because of one band you know, but then realise that the other band you previously knew nothing about is just as great. Mayday was one of those bands for me, and immediately I wanted to hear more, so I wasted no time in picking up their other 7", 'The Underdark'. And now, many moons later I have FINALLY added a pink vinyl copy to my collection, which I am very happy about.

This is heavy, nasty stuff. I loved this 7" back in the day, and listening to it again in 2012 I don't think it sounds dated at all. Far from it. This still sounds as good to me today as it did when I was 18. In fact, if anything I have to say that this sounds even better on pink vinyl.


Anonymous said...

Mayday rule!
After owning the Integrity/Mayday split since it came out, its only recently that I've started picking up their other vinyl releases!

breadman said...

Rot in Hell recorded a Mayday cover when we were in Baltimore for a 7" we were gonna do on A389. it never got finished when we got home though so Im guessing it will never see the light of day?
anyways....when we set up at the A389 fest we did a quick line check and played the mayday song.
after the gig our mate came up and said "was that Mayday you guys jammed before you played" yes I replied. "well the dudes from Mayday are here and they wanna say hi!"
such nice dudes too. one of them is a kickboxing instructor in Richmond.

mcs said...

I love how the Breadvan doesn't comment very often, but when he does it is guaranteed to be interesting.