Saturday, 17 March 2012

Heaven Is Pink

Not sure why it took me so long to pick one of these up, but I guess with the recent GIVE 7"s my attention got brought back to this band and I realised I had some holes in my collection to fill. This is the record release version of their 7" on React! Records, which I think also served as a tour press.

The entire first pressing of this record was rejected by the label, but only after some copies had been sold, including all of the pink vinyl copies. Here's what the label's pressing info says about it:

All the first press copies of the GIVE EP showed slightly “bowed” and were returned to the plant for a repress. However, we had already shipped copies out to the band and some distros meaning that there are “rejected press” copies floating around. This is what we estimate got out there before the repress: 100 on Pink vinyl with alternate cover, 25 on Yellow vinyl, 25 on Blue vinyl, 100 on Black vinyl


Across Your Face said...

Damn, I got to track one of these down

Mike said...

This is the only alternate cover that I have for Give. I need more!

matt said...

I had a chance to pick this up at Sound and Fury '10, but for some silly reason I didn't.

mcs said...

I can't believe that picking up the other three alternate covers could have been as easy as just picking them up from the Give webstore. Shame I only found out that they were selling them direct once they had sold out. Bummer.