Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Luck Final Press

Another entry into the Youngblood Records collection, this time via Kyle Whitlow's eBay purge. After getting rid of this 7", his life is simpler, and he has a whole $5 in his pocket... whereas I'm $5 down, but my life (and YB collection) seem more complete. We all win. This is the final pressing of this record, numbered out of 100 copies with stamped labels.

In celebration of wining this 7" I downloaded the mp3s and have been playing this again these last few days. A great and pretty much forgotten 7". Listening to these songs takes me back to when this first came out and I used to travel to work with these songs (and some other 7"s that came out around the same time) on a minidisc(!). That was a pretty dark time in my life and I was working possibly THE shittiest job I have ever worked at that point. Songs like these kept me going for a couple of months until things picked up a little. I guess MY LUCK got a little better since those days...

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