Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sub Society 7" Pink

I've had this 7" in my collection for a long ass time. Probably since before you were born. Well, maybe. But until a few short weeks ago I never knew it existed on colour vinyl. Then I saw it on eBay and knew I had to have it. Money was irrelevant... but fortunately it didn't take much.

The band is called SUB SOCIETY and this 7" is one of only two pieces of vinyl they released. This one was put out by Vinyl Communications, a label out of San Diego mainly active in the late 80s and early 90s. I have this on black, but I think this new copy I just picked up looks a bit more interesting:

This band gained attention from having some songs featured in a couple of skateboard videos in the early 90s. Well, that's how I picked up on them at least. I used to have a copy of this video and I must have watched it easily 100 times. Great soundtrack that also features several Operation Ivy songs (which was how I got into that band too). If you're in your 30s and used to skate then you probably love this video as much as I do:

I also did a bit of internerd research on this band. There's a website that a member of the band has put up that hosts most of their output as mp3s that you can download for free (including the songs on the 7" shown above). Check the link below if you are interested. Also, I read that the band's singer sadly passed away in 2010 from Heart disease at the age of 38. As well as Sub Society, he had been in a band called Inch, whose first LP I also have tucked away in my collection and which I am now going to revisit. RIP Stimy.


Finally, if anyone wants my black vinyl 7" then get in touch.

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Vinyl Violation said...

woah never saw this on color before. love this band.