Wednesday, 28 September 2011

FP D1C Gold

Imagine the scene... you're sat at work one day when an email pops into your inbox asking you if you would be interested in buying some dude's spare Floorpunch 'Division One Champs' 7" on gold vinyl. What do you think you would you do?

Me, I replied within about two minutes to say "yup"... and after several weeks of negotiation and attempts to find rare Warzone records to trade, we eventually came to an agreement and I paid cash. Or virtual cash. You know... robot money.

If you know the story behind this record you'll appreciate how difficult this is to come by. Some refer to it as the chung king of the 90s. Most people who have one aren't going to let it go in a hurry. I think I've only ever had one chance at this before, about 5 years ago (for nearly half the price!). Cost is irrelevent though. I never thought I would own this, so I'm happy.

You're long gone, but I'll never quit.
Through thick and thin I'll stick with it.
Time goes on...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mouthpiece LP ltd sleeve

Being a lifetime Revelation Records collector, i was disappointed a few weeks ago to see that there was a limited copy of the Mouthpiece discography LP available for This Is Hardcore. I read before the show that the LP was limited to 50 copies. It was pretty obvious that it would sell out so my chances of getting one were slim. Turns out I was wrong. My chances were zero. It sold out and nobody I knew that was going was able to get me one. I figured I would have to pay big bucks on ebay at some point. Fortunately I was wrong on that count too. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get one from a very nice chap who had about six of the things spare and wasn't asking for much at all. Brilliant!

So for anyone who hasn't seen it, this version is the second pressing on green with a limited cover numbered out of 50 copies. The cover shows simply a bearded GI Joe and a gold Rev logo. Looks great.

Cool that I didn't have to hit up ebay. Shame I wasn't so lucky with that DTN LP with a screened cover. Don't suppose anyone has one that they don't want?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tremors 'Island Songs' 7"

Here's something that makes a real change these days - me picking up on a newish band early doors. Usually I'm about 4 years behind. Still, even though I'm always behind, at least I manage to keep in touch with the important stuff (unlike this poor fool).

Tremors are a newish UK band hailing from London town. I know nothing about them other than they have scouse scally Graham on vocals. Dude used to sing for a band called Dirty Money. You may have heard of them.

But back to the point - Tremors. I saw this band play a few months ago (not sure why exactly I went out of the house, must have been having an off day). It was a cold dark night and they didn't really grab me. I probably wanted a pizza to be honest. But despite me not being in the best of moods, I liked how the band had anger, energy & honesty. I figured that these short blasts would sound a lot better once I was familiar with them, so I knew I wanted to check out their record when it eventually dropped... which was a couple of weeks ago.

I was lucky enough to get one of the red vinyl copies numbered out of 100.

All I can say is that this band rages. This is what I would call 'proper' hardcore punk. No posing, no bullshit. Just fast, angry hardcore that harks back to the early 80s. Probably not the kind of thing that kids who love B9 releases will love, although there is no doubt in my mind that people who celebrate the early Dischord catalogue will lap this up. If that sounds like you, and you still feel the need to keep up with current bands, then you could do a lot worse than check this record out.

This version here is the UK pressing put out by The Essence Records. However, there is also a US pressing coming out on Six Feet Under Records at some point in the near future. The US version will have different artwork to the UK version, so if you're one of these weirdy record collector types then you might want to consider buying one of each. This red vinyl version is now sold out, but it's still worth picking up as this UK pressing features an extra song that won't be on the US version. Pick one up in THE ESSENCE STORE.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

End To End

The End To End 7" is probably most famous for being the OTHER record on Foundation Records. The one that isn't a Chain Of Strength record. I acquired a copy of this many moons ago, and never really thought it was anything special. It contains four songs, one of which is a live recording of an SSD cover which really should have been left off. One of the other three songs sounds like a Chain song, but the other two aren't so great in my opinion. Overall it partly suffers from the quality of the recording. Also, I never really understood the artwork on the front cover. What the hell is that all about?

This grey vinyl pressing was probably on my want list for about 15 years. No doubt some would find that hilarious.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This month's Integrity post

If a month went by without some kind of Integrity post on this blog then you would know that there was something wrong. I like to think that one of you would even take the trouble to call the police or coastguard. No need this month though. Things are doing fine.

This months additions to the integ mountain are both clear, which is reason enough to whack them together in one post.

Item 1 - the split 7" with Creepout. This is the A389 repress. Clear is the band color limited to 100 copies. I think I have four copies of this record now and I still haven't listened to the Creepout side.

Item 2 is a curiosity. Yet another copy of the 'To Die For' 10". I previously bored you with the BLUE vinyl and also the RED vinyl copies that formed the first and second pressings. This clear one is a special one off of 50 copies which kinda combines the two. The sleeve is the blue cover on one side and the red cover on the other.

Also comes with a different insert to the two previous versions which is simply a picture of Grizzly Adams:

Like a fool I bought mine on eBay without realising that the label have some for sale in their store. So I thought I would be generous and give you all the heads up as there are only 50 copies in existence. HERE YA GO

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Screaming For Purple

I haven't bought many records for two months. Not really sure why. But all of a sudden it seems there are LOADS of records out there. New releases, newish releases, and people offering me stuff. And stuff on eBay that I can't resist having a go at... like this Uniform Choice LP:

I wish there was pressing info available for this record. I have seen different shades of this record, from a light lilac colour like this one, to a more deep purple verging on maroon. There is also a grey. But the more I look at variations, the more I wonder whether they are actually different pressings or whether (like the recent Youth Of Today 12" reissue on 'purple') it was all one pressing on the 'recycled' vinyl that usually ranges from grey to purple even though it's all one pressing and one 'colour'. I don't think that is the case with this LP, because I've not seen that 'colour' used on records that came out pre-late 90s, but it would be a convenient explanation for the colour variations. If only somebody actually knew!