Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trade Winds

So I sold some stuff recently, and as part of dealing with that some dude in Japan emailed me. He wanted to buy, but this then morphed into a trade when he told me he had a few things from my want list. So instead of a sale, a trade went down. I sent him a Lion Of Judah 12" and he sent me these:

First, the Circle Storm 'Character Assassin' 12" on clear. I got this when it came out on white, but never got around to picking up the clear one. Pretty basic error considering this is (kinda) on Revelation:

I'm not sure that people like this record too much. Not sure why though. I think it's great. It's basically a Chain Of Strength record and there are some good songs on here.

Next, I got the "second" Hard Stance 7". I'm not actually sure if this counts as their second 7" to be honest. Conversion Records reissued the original Hard Stance 7" circa '96 and put out these extra songs too.

Not sure what the story is/was with this one. Were these extra, unused songs recorded at the same time as the original 7", or was this from a separate recording session altogether? Anyone know?

I also got sent a couple of Reason To Believe 7"s. The first one is gold vinyl. I already have this, but seeing as it was offered to me I wasn't going to turn it down.

This one has little specks of black throughout to make it a little more interesting:

I also got sent the same 7" on red. I didn't previously have this... although I used to own it about 13 years ago but traded it away.

I've been listening to the Reason To Believe LP a lot recently, and also some Sensefield records. I don't think I could ever tire of either of those bands. So good. I now really badly want this 7" on green #/50. Anyone got one they want to trade or sell me?

Finally, these records came wrapped in a plastic bag from a record shop called 'Vinyl'. The bag is kinda cool. Shame it was taped up though else I would be using this on a daily basis.

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