Sunday, 9 May 2010

SFA 'Unclean' 7"

I don't think that many people collect Wreck-age Records releases. Especially in 2010. But it was one of those labels that seemed to churn out quality releases throughout the 90s by bands that mainly stayed under the radar. After I had a few Wreck-age releases, I realised that they put out good stuff and then just picked up everything new that came out figuring it would be good. Even better, they did limited colour vinyl for nearly all of their releases. Here's one I never owned before - the 'Unclean' 7" by SFA:

The thing I liked about Wreck-age was that they would make their colour vinyl properly limited. The pressing info on this one is 200 on red, and 3050 on black. That's right - only one copy in every 15 was on colour. I also liked how they put the same label on the b-side of every record (the Wreck-age logo) as seen here:

I don't know too much about SFA to be honest. I don't even know what SFA stands for. But I like this:

I got this for $5 buy it now. I am stoked.

Other Wreck-age releases I still need are:

Madball 'Droppin' Many Suckers' 7" on burgundy
Neglect 'Pull The Plug' 7" on green
F.T.E. 'Front Toward Enemy' 2x7" on green/gold vinyl

Get in touch if you can help.


Dobek Ohashi said...

I need that MADBALL EP as well..

Alternate 1995 said...

Well you only need the madball and the neglect if we're talking just wreck-age. FTE was on Exit. But I also think you're missing one of the yuppicide fear love colors. It came in brown and green.

Mike said...

I want to say that SFA stood for So Fucking Angry...but I can't be sure about that.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Fuck All


marcus said...

I used to own the Madball 7" but traded it away years ago like a fool.

Cam - is that a guess or is that what SFA actually stands for?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, iam pretty sure. I remember that these guy's were going to play the UK sometime between the New Morality LP and So What? LP maybe '91 but something stopped them getting in the country. Unclean is a great 7" but i've only got the black version.


-cja said...

Wreck-Age in general seemed to be overlooked when they were still a reality. i followed many of the label's bands and still listen to some today. one of the better shows i saw at CBs was a Wreck-Age label showcase. what was to be Mind Over Matter's last show actually ended up being i think Die 116's last show.

Neil from Nausea had a distro and i pretty much bought every Wreck-Age release i have from him. however, i don't own a lot of colored Wreck-Age wax. i have that Madball on burgundy and on black, the Stillsuit 2x7" on green and blue vinyl, a Mind Over Matter LP on grey and a Yuppicide LP on pink. i can't remember what other color Wreck-Age records i own.

i think SFA stands for "Stands For Anything". their singer Brendan used to do security at CB's. not my favorite band in the world but they were decent live.

Brendan said...

Yep... "Stands For Anythng"
The name was meant to be a joke and we were stuck with it.