Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blacklisted LPs

I used some of the money I had in my paypal account to pick up some Blacklisted records. There was one I wanted real bad, and the seller also had a couple of others that I went for too. I'll deal with them in reverse order of cool...

First up is the most recent record, 'No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me'. This one came out last year with no prior warning and caused a bit of a stir, firstly because it is vinyl only, and secondly because it sounds more like Nirvana than Blacklisted. Musically, I like it, although I'm not a fan of the artwork, which looks (to me) like a mish-mash of random crap. There were about three colours of vinyl, of which this one is by far the least offensive:

Given that the cover and vinyl colours are so bad, I'm happy owning an old fashioned one copy of this one.

Next up is their last LP, 'Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God'. This is a funny one for me. Until this showed up, I only owned one copy of this, being the rarest one out there (see HERE). What's funny is that I always thought that the picture on the cover for this record is really cool, but the copy I had came with completely different sleeve. Anyway, this version I just got is the release show(s) version, numbered out of 200. Ton says that the record itself looks like an eyeball.

Finally, the Blacklisted record I wanted more than any other. This is a copy of the first LP, 'The Beat Goes On', with the Rocky sleeve, which was (I think) made for the record release show back in 2006.

Interestingly, the Deathwish discography suggests that there are 76 of these, despite the sleeve suggesting that there are only 50. Does that mean that there are 26 unnumbered copies out there? Or is the discography wrong? More to the point, does anyone actually care?


TreTillDeath said...

Shit man, somewhere along the line, I am sure someone told us there were 76. I sure as hell can't remember at this point.

Prokopious said...

their is 5 of the cover that are numbered with a heart for friends of the band.

check it http://prokopious.blogspot.com/2009/11/addiction-without-rock-bottom.html

marcus said...

Hey, thanks. Good info, and the heart looks cool.

That still leaves 21 unaccounted for though, if the 76 is to be believed.

jhulud said...

I really dig the record release version of HTH,LTG. I have it as well and it's my favorite out of all the pressings for it.